We are #smogfighters

We use our superpowers to bravely fight for the purest air in Poland.

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About us

Airly is a startup dedicated to building a network of air quality sensors across Poland. Thanks to constant monitoring, we are able to show abnormalities and react to them immediately, increase social awareness of pollution, and inform you when it’s dangerous to go running or take a walk with your child.


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How did it start

It began one sunny day back in 2015. Michał Misiek and Wiktor Warchałowski were training to take part in a marathon. Suddenly, they saw the air. LITERALLY :)

They were surprised and shocked that SMOG has the superpower to make the invisible visible. And so, they decided to declare war on it. They joined forces with other #smogfighters during the Smogathon and all decided to continue this important battle as a #superteam - Airly.

Our team

Each of us has our own unique #superpowers – connected, it gives us a great set of skills making our team fearless and unbeatable :D Join forces with us to help make our fight against SMOG even more successful!

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We’re waiting for you!


Did you know that the number of #smogfighters is growing incredibly fast? We started with 4 people a year ago, now we are 16 and we’re still growing! We plan to hire 8 new people before the end of 2017. Could it be you?

Air is our life

(Yours too! Isn’t it?) We are fighting for pure air, not only with our great Airly project, we also take care of it on a daily basis, e.g. by having air purifiers in our office.

#smogfighters HQ

We are present all over Europe but our headquarter is in Krakow, Poland. Our office is based in the city center to make it easy for all the #smogfighters to meet.

Geek stuff

Yes, we do Internet of Things, and Smart Cities, and… other cutting edge stuff. But technology is only a tool, helping us to deliver great products successfully.


Beside all of that, we are just nice, positive people, who stand firmly behind each other. We are passionate about our product and we truly believe we can change the World.


We are looking for

… natural born #smogfighters! If courage is your hallmark, honesty is your superpower, and you already have some achievements in the battle against SMOG - you are a perfect match for our #superteam!

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What’s next?

Would you like to join the #smogfighters team?

Introduce yourself

Send us your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile. Add some information about your superpowers.

We will contact you

We are fighters, but polite ones :) We send a personal response to all applicants.

Meet #superheroes

We’ll invite you to our HQ to talk about your superpowers and see them in action.